Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cricket is a waste of national resource

The contribution of cricket to Indian society has been tremendous. Greats like Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev and Sachin Tendulkar have emerged through this platform and have given us many reasons to be proud of our nationality.To call it a waste of national resource cannot be justified as there is no other sport in india which provides a better standard of life than cricket.From a child playing gully cricket to a teenager playing for a club side, it develops a persons character and makes him/her more hardworking and persevearing. If you look at the finanacial side of it, if a governement invests milions of rupees to build infrastructure for cricket, it certainly is worthwhile because people will surely fill up the stands and buy products which are displayed in the add spaces inbetween the overs. So this inturn provides employment to the Indian youth and makes it a sport which we can really bank upon. As far as brain drain is concerned not all people have the same interests nor do they have the same intellectual abilities.So instead of viewing cricket as a detterent to education it should be viewed as an alternate career option which can really transform a perosn from rags to riches.


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