Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Imagination Is More Powerful Than Knowledge

Imagine finding a blank cheque on the street.How does it sound to you?..Intrestinng?, intriguing? or to be more outspoken, doesn't it sound awesome?!..Let's try one more situation .What can a person do with a blank cheque?.In the above cases the former sentence makes you think beyond the normal boundaries of what's right and what's wrong.It makes you think of all the possible situations that you can get into, if you decide to misuse the funds.It can also create a temporary state of elation after imagining oneself on the driving seat of a porche or comfortably sunbathing outside a beach bunglow.
One can also discover one's honest core after one realises that the money actually belongs to someone else and that one has no right to misuse it.On the contrary the latter question just makes one think in a structured and direct manner and can be aswered by using one's knowledge about such an incident or from reading articles or books.The ability of the person to think more deeply has been displayed in the former sentence where one has had the liberty to express one's thoughts in a manner that will lead to a better result.
Imagining about a topic makes us search for all the rational and irrational logic to reach our desired goal, and when we do this we tend to realsie that we have actually created a way of thinking which is unique and which could be further enhansed through existing knowledge.
Leonardo Da Vinci imagined about aircrafts by observing birds and depicted it in some of his works. In his case he neither had the knowledge nor the tools with which he could convert his thoughts to something tangible.But one cannot discount his ability to go beyond normal realms of thinking and create, atleast in his mind the blueprint which could one day enable humans to travel like birds.
So it is the desire to search for answers and not the answers already known that proves more benificial.Imagination coupled with knowledge is the ideal combination and even if one lacks in knowledge one can fill that up with an insatiable quest for answers.

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