Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Mistaken Identity

(If life gives u a second chance.. take it)
Disbelief, discontent was all he had,
Only Deliusions of hope he ever had.
His days turned nights, nights of fright.
Had made a living from anger and might.

Life of a maverick was that he lived,
His life showed stills but had no thrills.
His starring eyes, reflected his state,
He showed no remorse and carried his brutal trait.

Days passed showing no interval of change,
Joy glimpsed but was confined to frames.
Heart still pumped, so had to live on,
Voice lost rhythm like a rhyme forgone.

Words were sour and came like wrath,
Made him do things from a sinister plot.
He churned out offences with confidence,
And standing on a fence, made his deeds count,
A fence self made by him with sharp,
But Alas! it was jagged at both ends.

Then a light in the darkness came,
She rescued the emotions, till then trapped in his cage.
Suddenly the world felt beautiful and gay,
Mind recalled stories mother used to say......

The values, the morals, the lessons from the past,
Used to make him believe situations made heroes out of men,
But present showed the real world,
A world taken by people of two kinds:
Souls for peace and fighting vice,
And others who kill without any surmise.

In that instance a tear rolled down his eyes,
Bringing with it reveries with promise.
Promise of peace, love and belongingness,
For the one who smiled away all his lonliness.
He held the light in his firm hands,
But this time the hands had an everlasting care.