Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rainbow of Emotions

There was a boy in a small town,
Ever reticent and calmed down.
Had few friends but never from the opposite side,
But still in hope he flied high.

Then in school he met his class,
Found new friends but maitained his class.
The lads were merry and gay,
He jelled with them from the first day.

Although reclusive but never reluctant,
This boy tried to befriend the other side present.
But all went well for the boy,
He felt content and filled with joy.

Now the times had changed,
The sides had met he claimed.
Making new friends he forgot about his class.
He ignored them and made them pass.

Although the lad behaved that way,
His class was forgiving and maintained their stay.
One fine day he was caught in a storm.
Took away his friends and made him frown.

He asked for love he asked for they,
But he got none so he made way.
The class came to console, made him sail.
They gave him courage and removed his frail.

He asked for forgiveness,
He asked them to open the chain,
So that he could bond again,
And with his class be born again.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Can my wish come true?

(Some intitial stuff)
Its only few years since we parted,
But the undying urge is undoubted.
Forget the past my heart grunted!
But is this the thing that I really wanted?
I am in a dilema. I have a lot to prove,
Can my wish ever come true?

When I had a chance I gave it a glance,
Ignoring it, I maintained a docile stance.
Will she respond or will she not?
Makes me puzzled and engulfed in thoughts.
Will my tale be a ship without a crew?
Or can my wish ever come true?

I promise to laugh, I promise to groove,
Thorough my speech my feelings will come through.
Then I will be at peace, I will feel the warmth,
From which i I was devoid and distant from.
If thou belive that my life is you
My wish shall surely come true

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A matter of Coincidence

(For those who like coincidences)
In my dreams I search for someone,
Who can make me feel.... like I am the only one.
Hey! It ain’t tht find someone who can please me.
That girl is cute. .ya the other one’s fine,
But hard to find a girl whom I could call all mine.

Many sweet darlings with their same old talks,
Make you feel special but there ain’t no real sparks.
Have lost count of those wonderful intents,
But love for me is just a matter of coincidence.

In life’s long journey i met a lovely face,
Saw her in an orchid where beauty always stays.
Through few words I tried to capture this lovely grace.
Showed her my thoughts and showered in the praise.

Read my rhymes and she asked me the reason?
I said “Spring is always meant to be a beautiful season”
Beauty can be anyone, anything which makes sense,
But to find real love is matter of coincidence.

On Valentines Day I was searching for a date,
Was watching all the faces looking all so great.
Felt all too lonely but in destiny I had faith,
Love never came cheap and I think I should wait.

Then came the magic moment the one I’ll never forget,
She came inside my book store when everyone had left.
She recognised the person in the garden whom she met.

Comfortable moments even in harsh winter winds.
I offered her coffee and a book which i could spend,
She felt a kind of special and requested me to bring,
A book which shows love and shows its lovely zing.

Looking in her eyes I expressed my inner thing,
Love comes to all so don’t wait for any trends,
As love for me is just a matter of coincidence.