Monday, November 12, 2007


Om Shanti Om

Om Shanti Om has done just about everything to deceive each and every novice who would like to make a prognosis about what the flick has install for the entertainment loving public in our country as well as overseas. Well to start off the movie showcases an exhibition like dance sequence picked up from Karz, starring off course, Rishi Kapoor aka Chintu. SRK less the six packs imagines himself as Rishi Kapoor and from there on starts a ride where he happens to meet Shanti a well known actress whom he fantasizes and hopes to meet. Talking about Deepika, the newcomer (at least that is what SRK and Farah Khan wants’ us to believe) makes an ethereal entry, scintillating the silver screen with her goddess like mannerisms. The fist half is mind boggling with a right mix of laughter, drama, ethos and emotion which have become quite synonyms with Farah Khan.
The dance sequence involving Deepika and our yesteryear veteran actors is bewildering and if that wasn’t enough SRK also joins in the fun. Shreyas Talpade plays second fiddle, but only to SRK, as he supports SRK with his acting skills and precise dialogue delivery. The first half ends with the death of both leads thanks to the newest bad boy in town Mr. Arjun Rampal, who shows a us his never before seen skill – acting.
Second half makes us even more glued to our seats thanks to SRK’s re-incarnation as a Bollywood superstar Om Kapoor who throws starry tantrums, but surprisingly maintains a good soul. But that is not the end to new Om’s character as he makes sure all are entertained by his bare all item number. A song in which he pugnaciously declares that he has been ditched, well weird to be honest, but it’s “SRK” remember. But fun doesn’t end there; Farah Khan once again creates magic by bringing together some of our past and present actors in a 20 minute spectacle which highlights that no actor is having any hard feelings for each other. Hey but this a movie remember! Here is where Farah Khan is brilliant as she knows how much of zing and seasoning are required to serve a spicy filmy dish.
After the gala time is over our Om starts getting glimpses of his past life which makes him realize that he is actually a person who has been re-born. Then eventually he finds himself a mission i.e. to catch Arjun Rampal for mercilessly ending, what would have been a fairy tale love story in the making.
A movie that has everything an ideal paisa vasool film should have. If you are bored of dard-e-life try some dard-e-disco.