Tuesday, October 30, 2007


There comes a day in ones life,
When all is new and all is bright.
I too met with the same face,
But then, the face I saw was thine.

The day I saw you seated there,
It made me think, it made me bear,
An undying urge to meet that person there.
My curiosity for you insatiable.

With time passing by, few words spoken in shy,
Though very meager to define a relation,
Yet sufficient enough to arouse an elation.
This pride for you insatiable.

Here we are, friends for life,
Interactions grew, but for a price,
The price of faith and trust and cry.
My respect for you insatiable.

Then there is an uneasy phase,
In which feels nothing to loose, but only you to gaze.
I only see your brightest side.
My quest for you insatiable.

Both the sides having met,
Its time for love, its time to melt,
For the one I love, before whom I knelt.
This love for you insatiable.
-----------Rahul Salian

Monday, October 22, 2007

To know and not to know

I used to think very narrow,
Making comments much like an arrow.
Calling people by names,
But in reality not suiting their frames.
Making no friends but only making claims,
Made no sense but ignited only flames.

Then through time I learnt a fact,
It’s not always that bad to go out and distract.
Talking with people and knowing their traits,
It’s all a person requires from start to his fate.
Interaction is a key which unlocks a door,
Which has happiness and wisdom in its core.

Take it from me my friends,
Share a moment with the one who least befriends.
As it may give you a gist,
As to why the person remains a mist.
Only then we can judge the difference,
Empowering us to comment and inference.

----Rahul Salian

Saturday, October 13, 2007

It's Only Words-Wrote It for my fav Teacher

It's Only Words
You have guided us through these years,
But now the day of our parting nears.
How should I thank you? OH! Lovely Ma’am,
For the love and affection you showered, without a plan.

You have come to elucidate our soles,
Bringing an aura in which confidence soars.
Made us believe we have a role,
In the cinema called life, which time rolls.

Your knowledge is like an ocean,
Setting sails to our ship and giving it motion.
Spellbound by the power of your speech,
It made me wonder, Are you for real?

I always tried to repay,
But never did I find solace.
I have only words of gratitude
But I find it too insufficient,
T o describe a person with knowledge, so self sufficient.

But I believe Oh! Ma’am,
My words are true,
My words are real,
Which I will cherish,
Till the day I Perish.

--------Rahul Salian