Sunday, December 9, 2007

Dead Man's chest

Dead Man’s Chest
Arr! Roared the captain to his crew,
Prepare for a voyage and let me through,
From this place where no riches grew.
Raise the anchor, set the sails,
For there is a chest awaiting our claims.

Aye! Said the pirates to their chief,
Dreamed of glory but were only thieves.
After the order they began to think,
How on earth will their fortunes kink.
Pirates they were so there was little sense,
Each made plans which were truly non sense.

The captain fuming entered the scene.
Booted them and made them deck clean.
Arr! Roared he, and pressed his trigger,
Made them aware of his stature and vigor.
Calming his nerves he asked them to surrender,
All their greed and reduce their blunders.

But the pirates least in a mood to capitulate,
Priggishly planed to claim the chest for self palate.
The dead man’s chest claimed a tail,
Was buried in an island where human’s fail.
But knowingly the captain kept his mum,
Wanting to test the loyalty of some.

Destination reached he ordered his men,
“Search for a key and return before day end.”
So all the pirates began their quest,
Found it taxing , but did their best.
Amazingly each one of them got a key,
Which they held and roamed free.
They searched and searched and forgot the clock,
Greedily in search of the mystique lock.

As day turned to night,
All of them continued with shiver and fright.
Coolly the captain relaxed in a chair,
Read the tale with rum for his care.
The tale had warned against night and dark,
Filled with creatures that would roar and bark.

Next day the captain lowered his boat,
Reached the shore and read a quote.
“The one who refrains from greed and gives his best,
is the one who claims the dead man’s chest”
---Rahul Salian