Sunday, September 19, 2010

Let’s make it stronger.

Let’s make it stronger.
We have been together for such a long time,
The flow of emotions was all so divine,
Day after day and night after night,
We painted our moments on the canvas of life.
Want this season to last a little longer.
Let’s make it stronger

Music of life was so loud and clear,
Played the tunes of amity; it was so very dear,
Words were our heartbeats and happiness was all around.
Felt the beats in silence and found rhythm in awkward sounds.
Want this tune to last a little longer.
Let’s make it stronger.

And when end seems to be near and got everything to fear,
A voice deep down inside, I want you to hear.
It will tell you of seasons, it will tell you about the songs,
It will tell you the reason why the rights were never wrongs.
Oh! Let these moments last a little longer,
Let’s make it stronger.