Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"Faith of terrorists"

'Terrorism', seems to be a word with a lot of 'r' for a common man.. Refer it to a person who has gone through this ordeal. I am sure you would feel the depth of pain that word has brought to them. It would be nothing short of onomatopoeic for them.
After the recent terror strikes in Mumbai the word has gained a different dimension. Retaining its sedistic pain the word has updated it's reach by including shallowness of human thinking, which it has conquered with the venom of hardcore religious patronage. Embracing youths who have lost their sight, promising them vision of God and in the mean time transforming them into monsters who thrive with the intention to die for their lord. Terror treats each of its enemy with brutality and vice and offers no remorse to people who have already consumed it, killing them either instantly or with a postponement that lasts an eternity.
Young lads not even in their teens get engulfed in an air which once consumed makes them breathe out flames of other persons brainchild, forcing them to take on an enemy who is branded as ' the epicentre of their miseries'. Revenge is a kind of a wild justice. It has no advocates to come up with reason.It gives terorists authority to judge an innocent man guilty without even trying him for any offence done, by him or his community. The law of terror so powerful, it can distinguish a guilty from an innocent. Here innocent word dosent hold relevance. It is either a word describing a person who has escaped or was saved by a commmando as was seen in Mumbai.
So the guilty should be grateful to a terrorist, because he has been blessed by the bullets which have the puprose written by the almighty. Though the point to be noted here is that there are two variables in this context, the terrorist and his bullets. Both are short in number. A terrorist can be killed by a commando, his bullets mught miss the targets. So the guilty should be grateful to the justice of the terrorist, as his was the case where both the variables were sucessful.
To conclude I want to share a thought. Suppose the ywo variables, the terrorist and his bullets had missed the guilty, wouldn't the justice of God be questioned. How can God discriminate between people. This proves that this entire crusade which the terrorists call 'Jihad' is illfounded and shallow.