Sunday, January 25, 2009


( if u had loved someone but didn't tell her ...this might well be the music to ur ears)


How should I tell you?

How should I convey?

My heart wants to, but noo way!

We both live in two worlds,

Each has its own ways.

The bridge between us- broken,

People on either sides-unspoken.

Unspkoen they may be but they are true.

Just like God almighty,

Present, but hard to prove.

Even though my emotions -unspoken,

The love and affection created for the person -outspoken.

This may prove to be the bridge which people may lay,

To spread love and remove disarray.

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Dream Weaver

Dedicated to one sided lovers..they loose in love but they win in friendship.
The Dream Weaver
He wakes up from a dream,
Trying to get up and join the stream.
The stream boasts of strong currents,
The one in which many set sail.
Each with their own purpose to make it through,
Try to gain as much from the wind on offer.
But the wind alone won’t budge the great but insignificant a dream.
Though they float with ambitions second to none,
Still have to have a stitch which will make them closer to the one.
The Dream Weaver is the one just like any other,
Having the knack to help even in the harshest weather.
Seems strange why he should intervene,
But then he is the only one who has the future seen.
He perceives their fate not from a crystal maze,
But with an eye of a lover with his gauche ways.
He weaves on their cloth embroidered with care,
Makes their cloth rich even if he has to expenses bear.
Weaving for him isn’t devoid of pains,
Makes him struggle, with nothing much to gain.
Stitching their robes makes his eyes wet,
Still has to weave-for whom?, a question crept